DeMontfort Fine Art

In 2005 Helen Swaby opened her first gallery in the UK, determined to tackle the elitism that dominates the world of art and to change the perception that contemporary art was for a chosen few. Since then, the world has seen unprecedented changes in business, technology and culture, but Helen’s mission has remained constant. She still believes passionately that art is for everyone and over the years has guided thousands of people to start or expand their art collections in ways many of them never dreamed of. With nearly 100 beautiful galleries across the UK, on board luxury cruise ships, and, since 2023, in the USA, she has firmly established a whole new way of engaging with modern and contemporary art. Her hand-picked team of over 450 amazing people is out there every day realising Helen’s vision, democratising art and encouraging people who have never walked through a gallery door to discover the joy of collecting.