Here at Welltech we create Mobile and Web applications for the Health & Fitness category. The company is currently in the world’s TOP-3 (H&F) in terms of sales revenue

Grow with us:

  • 5+ years on the global market
  • 500+ professionals (over the past year we have grown 2 times)
  • 5+ mobile applications
  • 200M+ downloads
  • Our applications are sold all over the world with a focus on the USA, Latin America, Europe, and we are actively entering the Asian markets

Why to join us:

First and foremost, your work will positively impact millions of people worldwide. Rare opportunity to see how people reach their goals using our product

We are just at the very beginning of our journey. You will have a direct impact on major decisions on how the product works. Become a part of the core team

Startup culture with a high level of independence, easy and straightforward communications, and a joy of creating something big!

Backed up by one of the leading publishers in Health&Fitness. Direct access to knowledge, best practices, operation excellence as well as funding

Tremendous opportunities to grow by learning and doing. Speed up your career growth by outstanding contribution to product success